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Austin Kids Can! Founder, Donna Raskin: Trusty Oak Client Case Study

Donna Raskin is the founder of Austin Kids Can!, a non-profit who's mission is to close the achievement gap for economically disadvantaged children in Austin, Texas. Two years ago, Austin Kids Can! was born from Donna's desire to provide a safe environment for underprivileged kids in Austin to learn, grow and dream. In Fall 2017, they began offering Computer Science & coding programs to students in need living in Austin.

Nominations Are Open: Trusty Oak Is Giving a Free Marketing Strategy to a Community Non-Profit

Our team of Trusty Oak virtual assistants is a passionate crew with a heart for giving back to the communities where we live. We also love the work we do, so we're combining our enthusiasm for both by starting a new tradition!

Set Fire to Your Instagram Engagement

It's 2018 - visuals and videos are the hottest trends for connecting with your customers. Naturally, then, Instagram is playing a more prominent role in daily business life than ever before. So if your target audience is on Instagram, how are you reaching them?

Five Reasons to Outsource Your Business' Social Media Strategy

Do you have so much to do that you do not have time to post to social media? You know you need it, but you know how much time it takes. You just do not want to take time to post. Many people I talk to that own their own businesses have no idea how to run their social media accounts. They post at random times and there is no strategy behind it. It is so important to have a strategy, and outsourcing your social media and using a service, like a Trusty Oak virtual assistant, can really help to get your social media accounts in order.