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Angel Touch Cleaning: Trusty Oak Client Case Study

December 20, 2016

A top competitor in the Colorado cleaning market  for over 17 years, Angel Touch Cleaning is a family-owned and operated business.  Corey and Natalie Nove have been the owners since 2013. Angel Touch Cleaning got its start with new home construction cleaning; now it also offers residential services and commercial construction cleaning (including window cleaning, power washing, and carpet cleaning), along with custom janitorial services.

Keeping Colorado beautiful for years to come by supplying environmentally friendly cleaning products for all areas of the business is a passion and priority for the Angel Touch Team.

Angel Touch Cleaning turned to Trusty Oak for assistance with back office tasks like scheduling, invoicing, and payroll to free its owners to grow the business, adding more time for client and potential client meetings, as well as for focusing on ‘above view’ aspects of the company.


New Leads

Angel Touch needed someone who would enter potential new customers into their CRM database and create bid templates for each new lead.


As Angel Touch Cleaning has grown, it has acquired various types of cleaning customers.  This necessitates help with invoicing to ensure payments are received in a timely manner.


Corey and Natalie needed someone to add ‘new cleans’ and ‘reschedules’ to the Clean calendars so that none of the jobs/customers fell through the cracks, customer invoicing remained current, and crew scheduling avoided conflicts.

Solutions and Impact

Angel Touch Cleaning hired Trusty Oak in December 2015, and is currently working with Trusty Oak Virtual Assistant, Kimberly Crumpton. Kimberly is a strong administrator with high attention for detail. She serves as an administrator to directors and managers in her corporate job and is comfortable with tackling an assortment of tasks with a warm, welcoming demeanor. She is a self starter who is highly organized and has a Can Do attitude when it comes to problem-solving.

New Leads

Kimberly is quick on the draw with leads she receives from Corey. She is able to enter them into the CRM database and create a bid template with the potential client’s information (including the following business day date) so that Corey can meet with the new client and prepare a specialized bid based on their specific cleaning needs. Corey recently remarked, “Great job getting me the bid forms so quickly! It has been a huge help for me to get them out the door faster and we are getting more jobs because of it also!!”


As Angel Touch has expanded, it has added many commercial clients that need extra attention in regards to invoicing in a timely manner. Kimberly has been able to help by keeping detailed records of what invoices were processed for each client.


Scheduling new construction cleans and responding quickly to reschedules has been a great asset to Angel Touch in regards to customer relations. Invoicing is more accurate when schedules are accurate, making for a smooth process and peace of mind.

Above and Beyond

Corey and Natalie have become confident enough in Kimberly’s abilities that, as the company’s needs have changed, they have expanded the scope of her responsibilities rather than hiring additional personnel. Kimberly will be utilized in the near future for monthly invoicing for janitorial customers, task creation and monitoring in CRM, weekly invoicing for house cleaning, and more.

Thank you, Angel Touch Cleaning! And, good job, Kimberly!

Are you facing challenges like these? 


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