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Ready to Delegate? Here's a Walkthrough of Our Process

When you decide to outsource a project like marketing, administrative tasks, or business management, you may not know what to expect from a given Virtual Assistant company. Working with Trusty Oak, not only do you get the benefits of a virtual and affordable expert, you also get the security and support of a well-rounded team with expertise in tasks ranging from social media strategy to paralegal services.

We want to offer you a quick overview of our initial process with a new client. You can contact us with any questions or, if you're ready, let's get started! 

Why Hire a Virtual Assistant?

Besides the plethora of tools that technology provides, it also allows for the opportunity to work with a virtual assistant. A virtual assistant is a professional (yes, we're real live people, not artificial intelligence!) who can help you with your business needs and works remotely, but is only an e-mail or phone call away. There are many ways to utilize a VA (virtual assistant), but here are three main ways to consider how a VA can help you with your business.

Visiting Boise: Leadership Lessons From the Field

Last week, I had the opportunity to visit our five virtual assistants in Boise, Idaho and not only did I come home with a heart so full, I also took back with me some valuable leadership lessons worth sharing .

The Extinction of the 9-to-5: Why Filling Seats Doesn't Equal Productivity

It's all over the internet, so it must be true. The eight-hour workday—the old 9-to-5 office shift—is obsolete. And while more companies than ever are offering flexible office hours and more work-from-home perks, there are still plenty of businesses stubbornly clinging to the traditional 40-hour workweek.

Trello 101 for Attorneys: The Free Tool You May Be Missing

Anyone who has ever worked in a law office knows how crazy it can get with court dates, discovery deadlines and the like. It’s a challenge to know exactly how to manage it all. I worked in one law firm that used an old-fashioned Rolodex and Post-It notes to remind themselves of deadlines (eek!). Fortunately, technology has made it much easier for attorneys and their staff to keep everything organized and on-time.