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Ebooks Don't Have to Be Scary: A Primer

Maybe you've heard before that you should be creating content offers to generate more leads for your business. According to Pew Research Institute, 26% of Americans read an ebook in 2017, a significant number suggesting that many people are willing to download long-form content in exchange for their contact information. For marketers, lead generation is a high-priority goal, and ebooks tend to be the most popular kind of content for capturing and converting leads for a number of reasons. 

3 Growth-Driving Virtual Assistant Services for Financial Firms

As the entrepreneur at the head of a financial services firm, you're used to wearing many hats. On any given day, you may serve as a customer service representative, a tax expert, an office administrator, a delivery person, tech support, and even a janitor. Although the lifestyle of an entrepreneur in the financial services industry can be exhausting, you've taken on the challenge and your business is growing. Your clients are happy, and it's time to push forward.