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3 Reasons to Start Using a CRM

I’ve noticed a trend in small businesses and CRM use: many people start by using a spreadsheet or invoicing software like QuickBooks and think they’ll be fine. You may think you don’t need a CRM because you have plenty of contacts in QuickBooks or on a spreadsheet. In my experience, no matter how big your business is now, you should be using a CRM.

Another Happy Marketing Client: Bake Austin Case Study

Pascal Simon is the owner and founder of Bake Austin, a successful baking school and bakery, famous for its Swedish princess cakes and German cookies. Pascal teaches classes to children and adults, and fills her summers with kids summer camps like Pasta Camp and Candy Camp. A frequent guest on KXAN Studio 512, Pascal loves sharing her talent and passion for baking, and also helping children learn to feel confident and capable in every aspect of life.