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Amy Mantineo

Amy has worked in many different industries and has been a small business owner. These experiences have allowed her to develop strong skills in administrative support, real estate and property management, customer relations, and event and project management. Amy has proven to be results-driven under any circumstance, and she is determined to overcome any challenge she faces. She excels at organization, communication, and streamlining processes. Through her time as a small business owner and her other past positions, Amy has developed a keen eye for refining processes and supporting sales growth. Amy’s past experience includes over four years owning and operating a small consignment business and managing enormous semi-annual sales.

Recent Posts

Use This Time to Focus on Your Business Growth Instead of Fear

Written by Dan and Amy Mantineo

The last few weeks have felt like months, and in times of uncertainty, it's hard to know how the world is going to change. When we are unsure of what to do, it is so...



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