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Ashley Holmer

Ashley Holmer joins the Trusty Oak team ready to help drive business growth and success, having lived most of her life in the land of tall, evergreen trees of the Pacific Northwest and with over 15 years of experience. With a strong and steadfast work ethic and dedication to professionalism and integrity, she can readily handle a wide range of tasks and responsibilities to make your business operate more smoothly and efficiently. Ashley’s experience across the nonprofit, tourism, sports, and mortgage banking sectors has given her the knowledge and versatile set of skills that make her a great asset in any office. With a creative and entrepreneurial spirit, in addition to cheerfully completing tasks in data-tracking, filing, research, invoicing, and proofreading, Ashley also specializes in email management, calendar and meeting scheduling, event and travel planning and execution, expense reports, and a myriad of human resource-related tasks.

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