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Robert Lanterman

Robert Lanterman is a content specialist based out of Queens, NY. He loves the creative aspects of marketing and most of his career has thrived due to that passion. He graduated from the College of Idaho in 2014 with a Bachelor’s degree in Business and a minor in creative writing. Shortly after, he began working for an SEO firm as a link builder, doing both resource and directory work before shifting his focus primarily to content. All the while, he established himself as a freelance writer and began doing publicity for artists in the North American independent music scene. He absolutely loves writing and seeks to help enthusiastic entrepreneurs reach their goals.

Recent Posts

How to Delegate an Inbox with Gmail

Once you get to a certain place in a managerial role, your email inbox can become unbearably full. It’s hard to handle all of your daily tasks as it is, and in positions of leadership, you can expect...

How a Virtual Assistant Can Help Executive Coaches: Werq Case Study

Werq is an executive and team performance coaching firm headquartered in Austin, TX. Werq partners with founders, CEOs, and executive leaders to optimize their influence and results through...

How to Show Holiday Appreciation—Remotely

Remote employment is convenient, easy, and freeing. But as the Trusty Oak family have written about many times, it’s easy for remote employees to feel like an island. Not to sound like anyone’s...



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