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Vera Nash

Vera is an innovative, creative virtual assistant who excels at strategic planning and content creation. She honed her analytic thinking skills in her academic career. As her friend put it, teaching U.S. History at Tulane University was “perfect for someone who loves reading books and hates making money.” Vera made ends meet by taking part-time work. She became an SEO copywriter and later a nonprofit grant writer. Unexpectedly, supporting small nonprofits and small businesses captured her heart. Vera discovered that helping people communicate their vision is her passion. She also gained invaluable on-the-job training in database design and management, social media, and strategic planning. Vera is committed to always going the extra mile at Trusty Oak to make sure that her clients meet their goals.

Recent Posts

Four Creative Virtual Fundraising Event Ideas for 2021

Ditch the boring online gala this year and plan a virtual fundraiser that your nonprofit’s donors will never forget! A virtual fundraiser should be an experience people can be part of, not just an...

Five Ways AI Can Help Small Businesses (Beyond Smart CRMs)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been creatively integrated in hundreds of affordable tools that can help small business owners reach new heights in 2021.  



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