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7 Ways to Become a Video Conferencing Rockstar

Technology has become the way of the future, and gone are the days of stuffy conference rooms. With this simplification to virtual office spaces, it has taken our meetings and conferences to a whole new format. 

The Top 5 Cities to Live and Work as a Virtual Assistant

The corporate wheel continues to be reinvented by culture-driven entrepreneurs and millennial job seekers. These norm-changers are increasingly taking over the majority of the modern day workforce, many becoming "digital nomads" and virtual assistants, working remotely all across the U.S. So where exactly are the top cities to be a virtual assistant? 

News: Trusty Oak Celebrates 3 Years in Business!

Another year has passed for Trusty Oak, and we are amazed at the growth we have seen and the fun we've had! We're grateful to our clients who have partnered with our incredible virtual assistants to end a great year three. Check out the stats on our growth over the last year!

Surprising Tools and Strategies for Remote Hiring and Onboarding

Having the right people on board and engaged is every business owner's dream. The people you hire and retain will make or break your company's success. That's why your hiring and onboarding processes are vital to the growth of your company and, if done effectively, can really jumpstart your business to the next level. How do you build these processes so they attract, engage and retain the right talent?

3 Reasons to Start Using a CRM

I’ve noticed a trend in small businesses and CRM use: many people start by using a spreadsheet or invoicing software like QuickBooks and think they’ll be fine. You may think you don’t need a CRM because you have plenty of contacts in QuickBooks or on a spreadsheet. In my experience, no matter how big your business is now, you should be using a CRM.

Another Happy Marketing Client: Bake Austin Case Study

Pascal Simon is the owner and founder of Bake Austin, a successful baking school and bakery, famous for its Swedish princess cakes and German cookies. Pascal teaches classes to children and adults, and fills her summers with kids summer camps like Pasta Camp and Candy Camp. A frequent guest on KXAN Studio 512, Pascal loves sharing her talent and passion for baking, and also helping children learn to feel confident and capable in every aspect of life. 

Ebooks Don't Have to Be Scary: A Primer

Maybe you've heard before that you should be creating content offers to generate more leads for your business. According to Pew Research Institute, 26% of Americans read an ebook in 2017, a significant number suggesting that many people are willing to download long-form content in exchange for their contact information. For marketers, lead generation is a high-priority goal, and ebooks tend to be the most popular kind of content for capturing and converting leads for a number of reasons. 

3 Growth-Driving Virtual Assistant Services for Financial Firms

As the entrepreneur at the head of a financial services firm, you're used to wearing many hats. On any given day, you may serve as a customer service representative, a tax expert, an office administrator, a delivery person, tech support, and even a janitor. Although the lifestyle of an entrepreneur in the financial services industry can be exhausting, you've taken on the challenge and your business is growing. Your clients are happy, and it's time to push forward.

Ready to Delegate? Here's a Walkthrough of Our Process

When you decide to outsource a project like marketing, administrative tasks, or business management, you may not know what to expect from a given Virtual Assistant company. Working with Trusty Oak, not only do you get the benefits of a virtual and affordable expert, you also get the security and support of a well-rounded team with expertise in tasks ranging from social media strategy to paralegal services.

We want to offer you a quick overview of our initial process with a new client. You can contact us with any questions or, if you're ready, let's get started! 

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