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Got Grammar? Check Out our Favorite Writing Tool

Have you ever written something and submitted or sent it, only realizing afterward that your message contained an embarrassing typo or mistake? I certainly have, and the worst times are when you can't hit edit! Whether you consider yourself a writer or you just need to send a professionally worded business email, I think I've found a tool that could help us both avoid some grammar related errors and up our writing game.

Need Extra Help During Tax Season? Hire a Bookkeeping VA!


Tools for Success

In January I shared with you “Three Ways to Say Yes to Success in Relationships”.  You’re thinking, “Ya.  Okay.  Now, how do I actually figure out what’s most important to me?”  Or, “I’m not very good at listening.”

Three Ways to Say Yes to Success in Relationships

As virtual assistants we know that building trusting relationships with clients is key to ensuring the success of our clients.  We strive to build trust through competence in our professional work and through displaying character that exudes reliability, honesty and a collaborative spirit in both our professional and personal relations.

Angel Touch Cleaning: Trusty Oak Client Case Study

A top competitor in the Colorado cleaning market  for over 17 years, Angel Touch Cleaning is a family-owned and operated business.  Corey and Natalie Nove have been the owners since 2013. Angel Touch Cleaning got its start with new home construction cleaning; now it also offers residential services and commercial construction cleaning (including window cleaning, power washing, and carpet cleaning), along with custom janitorial services.

Trusty Oak is Hiring Marketing Assistants

As we head into the holiday season, business is picking up and we are looking for new assistants to join our team!

Five Reasons to Outsource Your Business' Social Media Strategy

Do you have so much to do that you do not have time to post to social media? You know you need it, but you know how much time it takes. You just do not want to take time to post. Many people I talk to that own their own businesses have no idea how to run their social media accounts. They post at random times and there is no strategy behind it. It is so important to have a strategy, and outsourcing your social media and using a service, like a Trusty Oak virtual assistant, can really help to get your social media accounts in order.

Why I Became a Virtual Assistant

My name is Charis Dillon and I am one of the virtual assistants at Trusty Oak. I work with clients and do many different things, from marketing emails to posting blogs, but my main focus is social media, graphic design and branding. I run all of the social media sites for Trusty Oak as well. I love working for Trusty Oak because this company is so much different than any other company I have ever worked for. Our CEO, Amber, cares so much for the people that work for her company, but not only that, she cares about our happiness and wants to make sure that we are doing what we love.

How & Why Entrepreneurs Should Take Vacations

Several months ago, I was invited to attend a friend's wedding in St. Lucia. I hesitated to book the trip because I already had another trip planned to NYC just one month before the Caribbean trip, and I was worried about taking more time out of the office. (Even though these trips would be the first trips I took since starting the company almost a year ago.) With the persuasive comments from my friends and husband, I booked the non-refundable trip to an island in the sun.

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