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Praxent Founder & CEO, Tim Hamilton: Trusty Oak Client Case Study

August 2, 2016

Tim Hamilton is the CEO and founder of Praxent, a rapidly growing software development firm in Austin, Texas. A high-achieving firm, Praxent pushes the boundaries of innovation and customization with ground-breaking work and solid thought leadership.


The company even publishes its own podcast–Commanding Business, where Tim interviews authors, experts and real-world leaders on topics in leadership and innovation.

Guided by a passion for perfecting the process of software development and building a world-class company culture, Tim is actively involved in the strategy and operation of the firm.

In April 2016, he came to Trusty Oak for help with making sure his i's stay dotted and his t's stay crossed as his schedule continued to fill up with speaking engagements, business travel, and client meetings.



Tim needed someone who could schedule calls and meetings for him without letting anything slip through the cracks.


50+ emails a day? Help! Tim knew he wanted someone who could get his inbox organized and keep it that way. He also wanted someone he could trust to respond to emails on his behalf.


As EO Austin Chapter President, Tim had many travel plans for 2016. Who could help him find travel deals, book trips, juggle airlines points, coordinate ground travel, and make sure he had all trip information at his fingertips? He knew this would be a task requiring someone competent and detail-oriented. Other VAs had been flaky and careless, could he find someone reliable?


Tim's podcast, Commanding Business, was showing signs of serious success. However, he hardly had time to keep up with it. He wanted an assistant who could secure interviews and coordinate the podcast schedule, and who had the technological know-how to publish the podcast online and via social media.

CRM Management

In the process of testing different tools, looking for the most effective and functional capabilities, Praxent had distributed its contact database across three different CRM platforms. They made a decision about which one to keep, but now they needed help with the data entry.

Solutions & Impact

In April 2016, Tim hired Trusty Oak VA, Elisabeth Chin. Elisabeth is a business-savvy professional virtual assistant with a solid clerical skill-set and additional experience in editing, public relations, marketing, and graphic design. She serves CEOs and business leaders who require a reliable self-starter. Extremely organized, assertive, and friendly, Elisabeth communicates with a solutions-oriented attitude.


Elisabeth quickly took over scheduling calls and meetings, working with Tim to find a format and process that addressed his needs and fit seamlessly with his daily workflow. Now, calendar events are scheduled in full detail with all necessary instructions and information to ensure the meeting goes smoothly for all parties involved.


After testing different tools and systems, Tim and Elisabeth finally settled on a process that allows Tim to efficiently prioritize his email communication, handoff conversations, steer clear of spam and clutter, and make threads easily searchable. What's in place now is a completely customized solution to Tim's inbox woes, and it requires almost zero maintenance on his part.


Elisabeth successfully booked five cross-country trips for Tim to take place in just two months. These trips included air travel, ground travel, and hotel stays. Elisabeth requested Tim's travel preferences and booked all of his travel based on the way he prioritizes budget, time-spent traveling, and other preferences. All trips were pulled off successfully without a glitch. Also, as a plus, Elisabeth was able to secure a refund at one of the hotels when Tim decided to end his stay a day early.


With a background in public relations and previous experience as a social media strategist, Elisabeth was the perfect fit for staying on top of securing interviews and publishing the podcast. She even leveraged social media as a natural "in" to securing an interview with one of today's most influential business leaders. Now, podcasts are published on a weekly basis, and ideal interviews are being targeted and secured.

CRM Management

With very little investment from Tim, Elisabeth quickly learned Salesforce and now is responsible for entering leads and opportunities as they come. Her previous experience with Zoho CRM management helped ensure a quick and painless transition to this new tool.

Above & Beyond

Tim found that he could rely on Elisabeth for quality work, so he asked her for help in putting together a press kit and organizing his speaker materials. Though Elisabeth has established a daily rhythm in her work for Tim, she is always happy to take on new tasks such as these.

Are you facing challenges like these? 


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