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Stop the Inbox Floods: 6 Tools to Use Instead of Email

Twenty years ago, everyone was shifting from snail mail to email and from Rolodex to Excel. Then came the internet, and with it a revolution in communication and time management for businesses. However, as much as email is lauded as a revolutionary communication tool, it still has its fallbacks. According to Kira Newman, “We receive more than 100 work-related emails per day, and the rate is growing." 

5 Tools to Up Your Remote Collaboration Game

Emails, phone calls, impromptu meetings at someone's desk — these are all tools used daily in the office, and it works reasonably well. But when you step outside of the office to work remotely or add a remote member to your team, these tools cause chaos, and some are useless altogether. Emails pile up, phone calls are nearly impossible to fit into everyone's schedule, and impromptu meetings can't be quite so impromptu. I've run into this as a Virtual Assistant at Trusty Oak, and I'm here to share my favorite tools for improving remote collaboration.

7 Tips for Writing Killer Marketing Emails

Many business owners either fear writing marketing emails, or don’t know where to start. Our advice? Let emails and marketing be fun. There’s a phrase we stick to that encompasses the way we do our marketing here at Trusty Oak: “Market like a human." This concept has produced wonderful opportunities for our brand.

These days, the only emails consumers don't automatically delete are ones that can capture our attention and provide value. So how do you provide value and keep your consumers reading your content? Here are seven tips to write killer marketing emails.

7 Ways to Become a Video Conferencing Rockstar

Technology has become the way of the future, and gone are the days of stuffy conference rooms. With this simplification to virtual office spaces, it has taken our meetings and conferences to a whole new format. 

3 Reasons to Start Using a CRM

I’ve noticed a trend in small businesses and CRM use: many people start by using a spreadsheet or invoicing software like QuickBooks and think they’ll be fine. You may think you don’t need a CRM because you have plenty of contacts in QuickBooks or on a spreadsheet. In my experience, no matter how big your business is now, you should be using a CRM.

8 Ways to Use Virtual Assistants for Authors and Speakers

Here at Trusty Oak, we have a special place in our hearts for authors (who are often also speakers) because we love learning and we believe reading is a critical element to an entrepreneur's professional development. Of course, we also love working with authors, and there are several ways virtual assistants can help them with their personal brand and book promotion. Read on for eight ways to use virtual assistants for authors and speakers and estimated costs. 

Get Stuff Done With Momentum Dash

Nerd alert: this post is loaded with geeky excitement over the "coolness" of my favorite productivity tool. If that's the kind of "cool" you're into, read on.

Our 5 Favorite Productivity Apps for Business

Productivity isn’t doing more; it’s doing more of the right thing.

5 Habits of Highly Productive People

There’s an outdated notion in business that just won’t die. It’s the idea that productivity means doing more things faster, marking off mile-long to-do lists and plowing through tasks all day long. According to this mindset, a productive person multitasks, moves quickly, and never stops.

The thing is, science and our day-to-day experiences show this is exactly how not to get work done. The multitasking, Bluetooth-wearing, fast-talking businessperson may look and feel wildly efficient, but how much of what they’re doing falls into the category of busywork?

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