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7 Ways to Become a Video Conferencing Rockstar

Technology has become the way of the future, and gone are the days of stuffy conference rooms. With this simplification to virtual office spaces, it has taken our meetings and conferences to a whole new format. 

News: Trusty Oak Celebrates 3 Years in Business!

Another year has passed for Trusty Oak, and we are amazed at the growth we have seen and the fun we've had! We're grateful to our clients who have partnered with our incredible virtual assistants to end a great year three. Check out the stats on our growth over the last year!

Surprising Tools and Strategies for Remote Hiring and Onboarding

Having the right people on board and engaged is every business owner's dream. The people you hire and retain will make or break your company's success. That's why your hiring and onboarding processes are vital to the growth of your company and, if done effectively, can really jumpstart your business to the next level. How do you build these processes so they attract, engage and retain the right talent?

Visiting Boise: Leadership Lessons From the Field

Last week, I had the opportunity to visit our five virtual assistants in Boise, Idaho and not only did I come home with a heart so full, I also took back with me some valuable leadership lessons worth sharing .