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Virtual Assistant, Elisabeth Talks Purpose and Job Love

April 19, 2017

Trusty Oak virtual assistant, Elisabeth Chin (formerly Elisabeth Kelso – very recently married!) had the opportunity to sit down with "coworkers" at her co-working space, Trailhead Boise in Boise, Idaho. If you are curious to know what motivates a member of our team to become a virtual assistant, read on!

Meet Elisabeth Chin, Trusty Oak Virtual Assistant

Standardized Expectations

Since entering the education system at the age of 6, Elisabeth Kelso had one expectation; to get into a great college. After accomplishing this goal, her next expectation was to graduate with a job that paid a consistent salary and had great benefits.

Throughout her time in school, Kelso never questioned the path she was on. Her parents are hardworking small business owners, and always taught the value of working a stable job. At first, this was something Kelso never thought she would compromise.

“I had this drive to climb a ladder just to climb a ladder.”

Finding a Purpose

During her time in college, Kelso began questioning her purpose. She continued on her default career path, working hard in academics, getting involved in multiple leadership positions, and pouring time into finding internships.

Kelso is a learner; all of this work was never out of empty drive. However, she couldn’t help but think her hard work was moving her towards this unquestioned goal of getting a stable job. “I had this drive to climb a ladder just to climb a ladder.” Eventually, she decided she needed to try something different. She left her job and began a brand new career.

A Sit-down with Elisabeth Kelso (Chin)

Did you grow up in Boise?

“Yes, I grew up in Boise. I attended Borah High School and graduated in 2009. After high school, I went straight to college in Austin, Texas, and studied writing and rhetoric. I also double minored in graphic design and Spanish.

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