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August 18, 2016

Whether you’ve ended up on our website because you are overwhelmed, overworked, or just overheard someone say “virtual assistant” and want to know what the fuss is about, we’re glad you are here.

It’s our mission to support ambitious people in pursuit of big dreams, and because we know that no one gets to the top without a little help along the way, our role as virtual assistants is incredibly gratifying.

Our Virtual Assistants

Virtual assistants take the auxiliary tasks off of your plate so you can focus on growing your business. Trusty Oak virtual assistants are dedicated to the success of the clients they serve and are committed to investing in themselves – we never stop learning. In an era when technology is an absolute necessity, there’s no time to stop moving and improving. Our virtual assistants have to keep developing both their character and competence to keep up with the demands of business, and it’s our goal with this blog to provide business owners with resources to do the same.

Trusty Oak virtual assistants offer more than data entry and inbox management. We are high-level business assistants, project managers, marketing strategists, collaborators, and plug-anywhere team members who can fill in the gaps of your business and offer high-value insight.

We are marketers, bookkeepers, and operations professionals. We are left-brained, right-brained, and everything in between. With years of collective experience across a vast variety of fields, our virtual assistants offer much insight into the many areas required to make your business successful.

Our hands-on experience and "hive-mind" provides us with an abundance of practical tips and lessons, and it's our pleasure to share it all with you on our blog.

What You Can Expect From the Trusty Oak Blog

As stereotypical as it is, we are pretty nerdy around here. We love to-do lists and the rush of adrenaline that comes when we check off the last to-do. We love bringing order to a chaotic world. We obsess over dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s, and tend to be the ones our friends tease about being perfectionists. We love innovation – new apps, gadgets, and software that help us work smarter, faster, and more collaboratively. We love to read, listen and learn from experts. Because we love making our clients shine, we also love marketing, branding and growing their platform online.

This blog is a resource for leaders and entrepreneurs who share our love for these things. If that’s you, we hope you’ll subscribe to our weekly blog summary.


Everyone wishes there was another hour in the day. We’ll share ideas for increasing productivity and efficiency, and if you are having trouble mastering these techniques, call one of our virtual assistants!


Check out our innovation category for reviews of project management software, CRM software, field service software, browser extensions, apps for iPhone, apps for Android, add-ons for email, communication tools, email marketing systems, books and more!

Leadership & Personal Development

As a business owner, you give a lot of yourself every day. Don’t forget to slow down, recharge, and refill. Your team and your clients are counting on you to be at your best – subscribe to our blog for a weekly dose of encouragement tailored for leaders and entrepreneurs.


Whether you make time for it or not, you know marketing is important for the growth of your business. Drop by the blog for tips on gaining more visibility and increasing conversions.

Case Studies & Client Spotlights

If you are not sure what a virtual assistant can do for you, check out our case studies and client spotlights to see how we are helping businesses like yours all over the country.

We hope what you find here will energize you to do big things!

What topics would you find most useful to growing your business? Let us know in the comments below or visit our blog homepage to see what we've already shared!

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Amber Gray

Amber Gray is the founder & CEO of Trusty Oak, US-Based Virtual Assistant Services based in Austin, TX.
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