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Why I Became a Virtual Assistant

October 12, 2016

My name is Charis Dillon and I am one of the virtual assistants at Trusty Oak. I work with clients and do many different things, from marketing emails to posting blogs, but my main focus is social media, graphic design and branding. I run all of the social media sites for Trusty Oak as well. I love working for Trusty Oak because this company is so much different than any other company I have ever worked for. Our CEO, Amber, cares so much for the people that work for her company, but not only that, she cares about our happiness and wants to make sure that we are doing what we love.

I started working with Trusty Oak at a transition time in my life. I had just left my corporate sales job at a technology company, and I had decided to start my own social media business. I was having a hard time finding clients when a friend sent me information about Trusty Oak. When I met Amber, we immediately had a connection and I started almost right away. She worked with me to make sure that I could help the clients that were assigned to me. I always felt like I mattered, which has been so much different than the corporate world.

I now have the freedom to work anytime I want. I love the clients I get to work with everyday because they know they can contact me anytime and I will be able to help them with anything they need. I work so well with them because they know they can trust me to complete the tasks at hand. They truly know they can contact me at any time.

If you have ever thought about hiring a virtual assistant, it is a great investment in your business. And if you go with Trusty Oak, you will get the individualized service you have been needing, and you will work with someone you will want to keep around for a very long time. 

The difference in Trusty Oak is clear. We have virtual assistants that will personalize your service, and can help you with a wide variety of tasks. If you would like to contact our CEO, Amber McGinty and let her know what you are needing, just send an email to

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