Step One: Become a Member

For professionals not quite ready to delegate at least 10 hours of work per month, we offer a basic membership so you can still work with our Trusty Oak virtual assistants and web developers on an as-needed basis.

Sign up for our $36/year Basic Membership and receive:

  • Business Growth Tips: High-value, delegation and business growth tips delivered to your inbox monthly (videos, e-books, and more)
  • Access to our Members Only Support Form: Submit a ticket to request tasks as they arise

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Step Two: Request Support

As a Trusty Oak Member, you have access to our team of virtual assistants to hire for ad-hoc requests and projects billed at $40/hour for VA services and $75/hour for our web developer services.*   

Membership is required to work with our team and you can subscribe for just $36/year.

What to Expect

  • All requests for ad-hoc projects must be submitted to
  • A virtual assistant will email you or call you within 24 hours of your submission to provide you with your estimate.
  • You can request support as often as you need virtual assistant or web developer support.

Email to request an estimate and timeline for your project.

To ensure the quickest results, please include the following in your request:
  1. Use a brief description of your project as the subject line of your email.
  2. Include as much detail as possible about your request. (Try recording a video using for more complex requests.)
  3. Include your preferred date of completion.
  4. Include an estimate of how long you are expecting this project to take or your required budget.

One of our VAs will contact you to ask clarifying questions as needed, provide you with a timeline and hourly estimate for the project. You will also receive a link to purchase hours needed to complete the project.

Email Support

Step Three: Receive Your Estimate and Purchase Time

Your Trusty Oak VA will provide you with an estimate to get started. Once you approve the estimate, you will be directed to purchase your time

  • The project will not begin until you purchase the recommended number of hours. (You will have the opportunity to choose a number of hours to purchase.)
  • You will receive a link at the start of the project to see the time tracked on your project. This will update in real time as your VA is working. 
  • If your project requires more time than you purchased, your VA will notify you and provide you with options to purchase more time. 
  • If your project is completed in less time than you purchased, your time will be good to use on a future project.

 *Note: If you are also subscribed to one of our monthly dedicated VA plans, your hourly rate is reduced. See your plan for details.

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