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How I’m Committing to My Remote Team’s Growth in 2019

April 11, 2019

There are hundreds of unique scenarios and challenges that leaders of remote and distributed teams experience. 

As the founder of a 100% remote team, I’ve seen just about all of those challenges. Do you relate?

Not unlike many traditional leaders and managers, as a leader of a remote or distributed team, you hope to cultivate a spirited culture and provide a remarkable experience for your team within their work environment.

Absolutely, but cultivating a winning culture is tougher when face-time is rare and people are working in different time-zones and juggling various commitments. How can I possibly control the culture when most of our interactions are Slack messages and emails?

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You probably create workflows and processes that require collaboration within smaller work teams or require cross-departmental functionality.

Yes, but syncing schedules and working creatively together seems to take twice as long with a remote team. Finding the right tools and developing streamlined processes can feel a bit daunting.

You want your new hires to quickly harmonize with the existing team and to become a genuine representation of your brand when interacting with each other and your clients.

Is that even possible with a remote or distributed team? How do I continue to scale my business without losing sight of what matters most?

If you are a leader of a remote team, you likely can relate to this dialogue. Leaders of remote workers face unique challenges that often require especially creative solutions. If we’re being honest, remote leaders have a harder job than their counterparts leading teams within four walls. It’s already lonely at the top, but you can feel isolated from top to bottom and sideways when you are leading a remote team!

And then there’s the never-ending challenge of preserving your personal life and relationships when it’s so convenient to work whenever and wherever you are in any given moment—even when you absolutely love the work you do, taking time away from the business is critical for your health and sanity.

Okay...I’ll just come out with it. This post is not just about YOU, fearless leader of a virtual workforce.

It’s definitely about me.

And that’s why in June 2019, I am traveling to the other side of the planet to Bali, Indonesia to gather with some of the most successful remote leaders in the world at The Running Remote Conference.

Of course, I’m excited about being in freaking Bali! But the main motivation for me is a keen awareness that I do not yet know all I need to know to be successful in the next chapter of Trusty Oak’s story.

Running Remote Conference 2019

Join Me at the World’s Largest Remote Work Event, June 29-30, 2019

Are you a leader of a remote or distributed workforce? Do you feel like I do? Okay, then! Let’s go to Bali! 

Use code trustyoak for 20% off your registration, and don't wait—prices go up May 31st! 

Register Today!

Running Remote Conference topics include:

  • Why real-time communication is venom for remote work and how to set up asynchronous communication
  • How to build hybrid models of colocated and remote teams
  • Gender equity: How remote work can move the needle
  • How to get from 5 to 500 remote employees without killing yourself
  • The A to Z’s of how to pay remote employees around the world
  • How do you collaborate on design remotely?
  • How to motivate your team beyond compensation
  • How a remote work handbook can help when scaling your team
  • Why Buffer chose to build remote first and become totally transparent
  • How Estonian E-Residency can help with setting up a business in the EU
  • Does location of the remote team CEO matter?
  • Mindfulness at work: tactics for relaxation if you are a remote entrepreneur

These topics have me convinced that I’m going to learn something incredibly valuable, not to mention getting to mingle with the powerhouse lineup of leaders pioneering the way for remote companies. (Shopify, AngelList, Doist, and WooThemes to name just a few!)

If you still need a few more reasons to get your ticket, here’s my short list:

  1. It doesn’t have to be lonely. Connect with some of the top remote leaders in the world – in a tropical paradise!
  2. It’s easy for work life and home life to melt together. Get away, learn, and reflect.
  3. You have a remote position for a reason. Take advantage of it.




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